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GoFast Entertainment's shutdown showdown 3


It was a wild weekend at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park when GoFast Entertainment (unintentionally) took over for three days, capping a weekend of racing and drifting with Shutdown Showdown 3 Saturday night. Or so we thought. We got some test and tune in and about a round of small tire when the rain hit us around 8pm and just got more miserable from there. We stuck around for a but to see if it would stop; but, after a while the rest of the race was pushed to Sunday.

Racing was supposed to start at 9am and It took forever to get the track dry as there was still so much humidity in the air and it just wasn't going to dry at that rate. After more than an hour of staff and visitors driving up and down the track to help dry it, our friend Lee Styer with Racers For Christ made a few calls while we were waiting, it was a work day anyway, the office was open and the Boss was in so the clouds began to break around 11 and we got to racing shortly after that.

Winners who went home with the $7000 payout:

Mike Saiki - Small Tire
King Donnie Hughett - Big Tire

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Big Tire Finals

Big Tire Finals